BURGUM PATCH for PES 2009 v0.50

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- All Champions League and UEFA Cup teams (Lech Poznan, Metalist and MSK Zilina need player faces and kits)
- EPL, Ligue 1, Serie A, LFP updated transfers, rosters and player numbers
- 100% Bundesliga!
- Added around 150 missing players to their squads from KONAMI 1.2 update!!!
- Other A teams updated transfers, team rosters and accurate player numbers (some players still missing, need to be created)
- Croatian 1. HNL League in Others B (BETA VERSION)
- All National, Club and Classics kits!!!
- Sandbags removed
- Working offline with KONAMI 1.2 Patch

- Backup your 'kitserver' and 'My Documents/KONAMI/.../save' folder
- Copy and install kitserver in your game folder
- Copy and overwrite save folder in 'My Documents/KONAMI/...' folder
credits (and big thank you):

- kitserver 8.1.2 by juce and Robbie
- KitsRelink tool by stelios
- team, legue and cup logos by devill_sfc
- Bundesliga exported from:
- Bundesliga patch 1.6 by 'divid', 'Patros46', 'Markus08', 'Jery77' & 'Dominicschalke'
- Bundesliga patch 0.8 by '-RKO-', 'eulinho' & 'estebanrey'
- A BIG 'THANK YOU' TO 'David89', who did a great job finding errors in kits and putting whole cv06.img folder together!!!
- classic kits by 'Diablos'
- a big 'thank you' to all kitmakers out there!!! :)
- sorry if I missed someone, if I did, please mail me and i'll fix this :)
to all patchmakers out there

If you use one of my patches or OF's as a base for your own patch, please mention this in your credits:
"Based on Burgum patch/OF version x.x"
I would really appreciate it! :)
Future announcements (v0.60):

- Lech Poznan, Metalist and MSK Zilina player faces and kits done
- Rest of the missing players finally done
- Some Croatian 1. HNL editing
- Fixed errors and mistakes :)


All teams that have players in lowercase names are NOT done yet, so please don't post comments like 'the stats are not done' or 'rensing is GK, not CF'.
If you have troubleshooting because of the KONAMI's 1.2 patch, i really don't know the answer to your problems. This patch is working perfectly for me, and that's probably
because i didn't download anything from KONAMI.
Maybe i did not do some things you wanted to be done or i forgot something, but hey, i'm a human being and PES editing is only one of my hobbies. I have a life, you know!
If you find mistakes in transfers done or anything else, please post it here and i'll fix it in my next update.

Updated on 17/11/2008



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