All National Teams Patch 2.0 by Tottimas

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New stuff:
New scoreboard with 3 letter FIFA code and teams flag
New medal for cup winers with FIFA logo on it like FIFA World Cup medal (look at picture with Venecuelan players holding the trophy)
New adidas 2008 referee kits by Kleimann
New balls for all continental competitions (no Oceanina though)
Over 100 kits for new national teams
Multilanguage suported, now you can play with any language you have instaled, no more just on english

Just unrar and install both exe files and you are ready to play with your favorite national team.
If you are using 16:10 screen resolution you just need to copy a file from folder antserver\img\16-10 into folder antserver\img\cv_0.img.

Note from the autor:
You are free to change anything you want to, to make patch better for you.
You can use anything from this patch in you patches just credit this patch for it.
Feel free to distribue this patch for free on any other PES or no PES forums and sites and link them to this thread for if they have any questions.


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